About project

The problems and needs

In the modern world of science every serious scientific organization must have its own periodical for publishing results, reports, etc. This need requires a significant monetary and time costs, as well as special skills.

In addition, in an era of global computerization and use of the Internet edition of the paper form, even in small quantities unaffordable roskosh.Preimuschestvo non-paper-based dissemination of scientific publications in favor of digital distribution to be fully appreciated and actively promote Western publishers. This area is designed to reduce the costs of scientific institutions in Russia and CIS for maintenance and modernization of scientific publications, as well as the receipt of additional revenue by providing online access to the main intellectual product of these organizations - scientific publications.

The relevance of the project is confirmed by order of the Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, № 2433-r of December 20, 2012, the mandatory increase in the share of Russia in the total number of publications in international scientific journals.

Brief description of the platform

Platform "Scientific Educational Journal" is designed to reduce costs scientific institutions of Russia and the CIS by providing the following services:

  • Full automation of the creation of magazines on model SaaS. You just need to request a site JES.SU. Describe your magazine to your organization. Our specialist will contact you to answer your questions and will bill. After that, you are in the online can follow the unfolding of your new ploshadki for publication of scientific pubilkatsy electronically. 
  • Automation of the publication, reviewing and managing electronic journal editions. The administrator assigns users to the right of the journal.
  • Distribution of publications for a fee under the scheme B2B (subscription nat. Persons) and B2C (subscription organizations). The official registration of the media publications to world standards placing Content on the Internet and the requirements of high attestation comitee of Russia.
  • Developer takes full care of the placement of your materials in e-library, meet the requirements for placement in foreign publications. Your magazine is fully SEO optimized and has all the increase in the index for neobohdimoe tsetiruemosti in foreign journals.